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Massage Services

After a few years navigating the waters at URI, I became a mothers' helper/professional babysitter/nanny. It was during this time that a close friend was having a baby and was wrestling with the muscular and structural changes within her body. She began seeing a massage therapist and highly suggested I look into it as she thought it would be a nice match. I found my way to Bancroft School of MT in Worcester, MA, graduated in May 2000 and became a RI Licensed MT. Though I had little personal experience with massage on the day I began, I started personally unearthing the many benefits of massage therapy first hand at the hands of my classmates. Not only is massage relaxing but it helps boost the immune system, reduces pain, reduces joint stiffness, improves function of joints, helps with poor circulation, relieves constipation, reduces depression, reduces blood pressure, reduces heart rate, relaxes muscles, releases muscle tension and stress, lowers anxiety, stimulates the release of endorphins and serotonin, prevents scar tissue, increases the flow of lymph, and improves sleep. All of these things help support overall wellness. Shortly after I had my first child, I realized how necessary overall wellness is during pregnancy and the postpartum period so I became certified in MotherMassage with Elaine Stillerman in June 2005. With this one class, I was able to fuse my heart for doula work and my training as a Massage Therapist.