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Prenatal Massage


This one hour massage is offered to women who are pregnant. Although miscarriage due to massage during the first trimester is a common concern, I am willing to work on anyone experiencing a healthy pregnancy at any point in the pregnancy should they choose. Prenatal Massage has been proven to reduce stress levels, ease back and foot pain caused by changes in posture, reduce swelling of feet and ankles, reduce fatigue, alleviate sciatica and sinus congestion, improve skin elasticity, reduce stretch marks, improve sleep, improve digestion, stabilize hormone levels, relax and soothe the baby, increase blood circulation to all areas of the body (including the placenta) bringing nutrients, helping the body effectively remove waste products and reduce pelvic pain. I do encourage eating a small meal or snack before this massage in order to reduce the risk of dizziness or nausea that may occur after not eating for an extended period.